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    Slay the Corporate Catwalk in Bold Colours 💃

    How to wear bold colours to work

    Top 3 tips on how to incorporate bright colours into your workwear without causing a stir by Alero Egbuson of alerobuttercup blog

    1. Wear as a pop of colour

    I find shoes always do the trick. All black everything hang with a bright fushia pink pair of shoes will look delicious. You can also pair a bright colored hand bag with a monochrome (black whites or grey) outfit

    2. Wear with a white top

    For the more adventurous folks, a masculine white shirt and bright bottoms. The white top will take the edge off the overall look.

    How to wear colors to work

    3. Lastly, use other neutral colours 

    to balance the look. Great colours for this are browns, tan, grey, cream and other similar colours.

    How to wear colors to work


    FaB Buys

    The gorgeous Alero Buttercup in everFaB London Blush Willow Dress 

    How to wear colors to work 


    everFaB London co-founder Diana rocking a magenta blazer and the versatile Thalia everFaB dress in black 

    How to wear colors to work

    Styling Tips to Lovingly Hide Your FUPA

    Styling Tips to Lovingly Hide Your FUPA

    It's official you can embrace your FUPA  (acronym for  fat, upper pubic area) ..why? because Beyonce said so.... Commenting in the Spetember 2018 issue of American Vogue, the super-star said ''To this day my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller. I have a little mommy pouch, and I’m in no rush to get rid of it. I think it’s real ... right now, my little FUPA and I feel like we are meant to be.” 

    So let's share a few tips to looking gorgeous with our little FUPA

    Shapewear – It’s worth spending a little bit more on good shapewear. Your shapewear should be comfortable while smoothing out lumps and bumps. Shapewear shouldn’t be torture. I’ll repeat that for those at the back …say NO to torture in the name of fashion. Switch all underwear to shapewear. Control bike shorts work great for slim fit dresses and skirts. 

    Bravassimo Shapewear 

    Bravissimo slip shapewear (£45)


          Maidenform Shapewear £45

    Don’t limit yourself to shapewear in only boring nude or black, opt for fun colors like teal, pink and lilac (it doesn’t have to be embarrassing if you flash your spanx getting out of the car

    Proportions – you can make your waist-line appear slimmer visually by shifting proportions and playing around with garment fit/details, fabric type and colors. You want to avoid any detail that attracts the eye to the mid section’ and thinner flimsy fabric that cling rather than skim the body.

    You can fool the eye with drapery tops over slim fitting pants or skirts, layer up a sheath dress with a structured longer length blazer or cardigan. Wear matching color blazer and top over a contrasting bottom, such as a black blazer and loose blouse over red trousers, the bright color attracts the eye away from your  mid-section.

    Accessories – Avoid thick waist cinching belts as it accentuates a tummy , instead opt for narrower belts worn slightly higher or lower than the widest part of your belly.  Statement necklaces over a shift dress works well to draw the eyes upwards and can be a great conversation starter and compliment magnet..because hey...a little compliment never hurts. 

    Here are some great recommendations you can treat yourself to right now....

    How to hide a FUPA    

    JD Williams Drape Front Blouse £11.25

     HM Navy Trousers   £12.99

    Navy LdeePelle Leather Bag

    Gap Dusty Pink Pumps £31.99

    Zara Black Blazer £29.99

    HM Chiffon Blouse £24.99

    New Look Red Trousers £19.99

    LdeePelle Leather Bag

    How to hide a FUPA

    Zara Black Blazer £29.99

    everFaB London Blush Sheath Dress £54.99

    Topshop Skinny Black Belt £20


    There you have's to spreading some body-positivity your body not only for how it looks but also for what it does...